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JavaScript facilitates back-end activities like building simple web servers and server apps. Outsourcing to European contractors is popular with US startups who want to ensure high product quality while reducing costs. Finally, Indeed data on the average base JavaScript programmer salary places it at $108,618 annually. JavaScript coders we list are based in Latin America or Eastern Europe, whatever works best for your time zone. Full-stack developers combine the roles of both previous groups. JavaScript developers divide into frontend, backend, and full-stack.

In Search of Talent: Types of Software Engineers Companies Can’t … – The Recursive

In Search of Talent: Types of Software Engineers Companies Can’t ….

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The top-3 closes Angular (AngularJS and Angular 2+ simultaneously), which also holds a great piece of JS frameworks’ pie. One of the most popular environments to write a server-side is Node.js. This trendy approach is usually used for mid-size applications and suggests asynchronous platform for implementing creative solutions.

I need to hire JavaScript developers with experience in both front-end and back-end development. Can DevTeam.Space help?

We have leading developers ready to work remotely and help you achieve your business objectives. React is the ideal tool to create world-class, interactive user interfaces. You can build whole interfaces or individual UI elements, along with logic and visual components. It is best for crafting modular applications for web, mobile, and desktop, including native apps. Additionally, the level of skills will vary on the degree of proficiency you require. So, a node.js team leader should be more technically sound than a senior engineer.

hire javascript developers eastern europe

In addition, the demographics of the company/freelancer also affect the price to hire JavaScript developers. As full-stack developers can handle both end of the website, they should have ample knowledge average javascript developer salary about the web app development technologies mentioned above. There are over 1 million developers in Eastern Europe, with Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova accounting for 600k of those IT professionals.

Average JS salary dependence related to the experience

Most using software development technologies are Ruby, React, C++, Flutter, Java and Python. One more variant to rely on while working with JS back-end solutions is Express.js, which is called a ‘standard server framework’ for Node.js. This product is quite smaller and has less functionality compared to Meteor.js, but possibilities can be added via specific plugins.

  • Country has thriving talents and now their pool counts about 40K engineers and, for sure, this number is also growing.
  • Entrepreneurs can hire TypeScript developers to take on the competition and grab market share.
  • They should identify the right architectural pattern for the best performance of web pages.
  • At the end of 2021, JavaScript is applied as a user-side programming language by 97.6% of all the existing websites.
  • There are no doubts that React is the most popular JS framework currently, but the number of programmers that want to try VueJS makes it the most fast-growing and perspective approach.
  • This can give rise to vulnerabilities in the program and hackers are experts in exploiting vulnerabilities in the code!

At the end of 2021, JavaScript is applied as a user-side programming language by 97.6% of all the existing websites. Due to such an immense demand, the market offers lots of developers, that’s why this may be extremely difficult to choose the best ones. However, there are some countries which are famous for talented, responsible, and executive specialists. To illustrate, Eastern Europe, in particular, Ukraine, is full of competent JavaScript coders for hire. To streamline the hiring process, accelerate your time-to-hire, and minimize risks, consider partnering with us at Trio.

What can a React.JS Developer do for Businesses?

These questions will help you gauge a candidate’s depth of knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and capacity to handle real-world scenarios. It’s responsible for managing these asynchronous operations by continuously monitoring the call stack and the task queue. When an asynchronous operation, like a network request, is initiated, it is offloaded to a separate thread, often provided by the browser or runtime environment.

hire javascript developers eastern europe

ECommerce businesses rely on fast, beautifully designed websites. JavaScript is a core language for building beautiful web stores and marketplaces with impressive performance. This can be done by putting robust security measures in place such as firewalls and passwords. It can also be useful to put candidates through a screening process before sharing sensitive data with them. Remote workers may often work on more than one project at a time, resulting in poor productivity and being unavailable at crucial times. Luckily, this can easily be avoided by investing in a dedicated team that is focused on one client at a time.

Roles & Skills of Front-End Developers

Developers rely on Hapi.js to build applications that scale quickly and perform like a star. It is also favored for its affordable overhead and in-built functionalities. As per Glassdoor, a senior developer working in Moldova earns, on average, 55.42% less per year compared to a senior developer in the United States.

The key idea of this platform is the opportunity for people to share their news, ideas, jokes, thoughts, and opinions laconically, discuss various topics, post photo and video materials. In addition, fans can follow and receive updates from their favorite influencers; those are the main reasons you can find Twitter almost on every person’s phone globally. Let’s briefly overview the JavaScript history and find out why these specialists are sought-after nowadays. A practical use case of closures is in implementing data privacy or encapsulation.

Looking for JavaScript developers to build or scale your web product?

The best thing is its modular approach that allows developers to work with custom components. It provides React JS developers a high degree of customization and lets you divide your front-end project into individual components. Several frameworks and libraries exist today to develop robust apps. However, very few tools are versatile enough to suit different platforms, operating systems, and development purposes.

The analysis of salaries shows some countries have higher wages than others. Additionally, you don’t need a long time to recruit your developer. We have a ready network of programmers you can take advantage of right now. The process can take up time as you will have to look hard for available developers. Therefore, it can take a few months for your developer to start working. In addition, TypeScript talents are in high demand across the world.

Hiring Remote Vue.js Developers from Eastern Europe: Your Key to Success

We believe in your business idea and our developers are also interested in achieving your goals. Talmatic wants you to succeed so our HR department is working to constantly support your team. We can take care of the management, accounting, and everything it takes to keep our collaboration productive. Whether it’s sick leaves, operational costs, conflict management, or anything else, we are here to help you find JS developers and work with them to finish your project. Looking to hire remote software developers but have a few questions unanswered?

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